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Future ideas

As a way of thinking of the idea so far, there were many cases where the world changed with one original idea.
The inventor who everyone knows well, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Edison, did a number of great inventions by himself.
I think that a similar genius will emerge from now on, but can not we invent as a corporation that surprises the world unless we secure such a genius of successive generations?
Actually, it is not so, since it is a company so it is a group · There are still many things to surpass genius and there are many ways to make ridiculous thoughts. I would like to talk about it this time.



Companies famous by famous people

First of all, is it a company that famous people think, is a story of a group of symbiotic economies. (We will summarize with companies below)
We have various opinions and will be below as representatives.

The essence of the company by Ronald · Course ~
“Corporate is to exist to minimize transaction costs such as time, labor, mistakes” · Use of knowledge in society by Friedrich · Hayek ~
“In a coordinated and coordinated organization, we can not reach out to the dispersed (people) knowledge” · Relationship between transaction cost and human resources – by Bill Joy –
“If you prioritize transaction costs, you can not work with talented people”

It is difficult and I do not understand the meaning. . .
“Within a company, we can not put together ideas of people (employees), but there are also no excellent people.”

Somehow stupid story ,,,
But do not do “Governance and collaboration” . That means that if you have “self assertion” , you can reach out to everyone’s knowledge.

In companies that actually incorporate a lot of ideas, I think as follows.

Collective intelligence does not occur in organizations that are not spontaneous.
A person who can do anything belongs to an organization


collective intelligence

What is collective intelligence in the first place?

There is a limit to what individuals can do with any genius.
→ Various requests, necessary information · Increase of necessary knowledge etc.

As I said earlier, it is also true that genius is not quite right.

Therefore, it is necessary to create original ideas that multiple people share better ideas.


· collective intelligence
It is an intelligence that seems as if there is intelligence in the group itself, to demonstrate higher intellectual ability.

In order to have collective intelligence in a group

1. Member’s spontaneity (Think about individual ideas · create creation)
2. Shared and Opened Distributed Intelligence

Is required. Among them, there is the word “open innovation” by saying “sharing and distributing distributed intelligence”.

Even ideas that can not be created by themselves can easily be created by generating collective intelligence


Open Innovation

What is open innovation?

Innovation and open innovation are different words. As briefly explained earlier, it is one of the ways to create innovation for the purpose of “sharing and opening distributed intelligence”.

It is a way to connect not only our own technology but also the technology and ideas of other companies to innovative business models and R & D achievements. In short, it is to engage in activities that lead to innovation with people from other industries without being concerned about companies.

Especially in terms of not being concerned with enterprises, examples with collective intelligence as a community (group for a certain purpose / interest) have increased. Details are explained in future talent , but there are possibilities that beneficial ideas have been sought or more talent than in-house talent is hidden.



Reduce development cost / development period, lead to creation of ideas (collective intelligence among companies). However, it is necessary to prevent core technology from being taken


Example of open innovation

As its name implies, open innovation is mainly concerned with the sharing and opening of knowledge. It is the same not only in corporate pavilions but also among individuals.

First of all, as an example between companies
· Experimental museum Orbi example
Although the story is a little old, it is a museum that the entertainment company ‘SEGA’ and the TV program production company ‘BBC EARTH’ jointly launched. It is a museum where you can experience contact with creatures through projection and experience technology cultivated in Sega’s game and images and sounds full of realism of BBC EARTH, smells. Although there are no living things at all, it is an example of creation of new ideas and projects through collaboration of each know-how that we have cultivated independently.

· Local Motors example
Using the community, it will be a successful example. Local Motors is a company that sells cars that recruit designs in the community, customers can select their favorite designs and parts, and can also assemble themselves by customers themselves. Compared to similar cars of other companies, the cost of development is said to be 1/100 of 1/100.

Closed innovation

What is closed innovation?

By saying that it is a pair of open innovation, it is not to let out activities that lead to innovation within the company. In other words, it is a way to demonstrate collective intelligence only within the company and accumulate research and development and technology.

It is advantageous to monopolize our own technology. However, it is necessary to avoid falling into the dilemma of innovation.

Example of closed innovation

To make collective intelligence exercise only within the company has the need to increase the voluntariness of employees. For that, it is essential to create an environment to increase spontaneity.

· Google example
As a workaround for the innovation dilemma, “20% rule” was incorporated.
I was obliged to allocate 20% of the time spent inside the company to the time for voluntary work and idea creation other than the work in charge.
(Currently it is not done now because it gives priority to embodying the idea possessed now)

Also, although it is almost open innovation, I will give an example in that one company has investment and technology.

· Hakuhodo example
Looking for ideas for entrepreneurship and new business within the company. Companies support it, and dozens of companies actually start up businesses.
Even if it fails as a condition, it can return to the company and participate regardless of people inside or outside the company to do work. Therefore, not only human beings in the company but also people who are not originally related are incorporated.

If the idea seems likely to create a market even if it is unrelated to our company, it is also true that more companies have invested in it.


Recent trends

In recent years open innovation is on the rise.
Again It seems to be because the following contents are particularly strong .

· In recent years, increasing R & D expenses and labor costs
· Complicated requirements due to environment, regulation correspondence
· No know-how on customer’s request
· Never before

In closed innovation, there are an increasing number of immobilizer companies (to increase their own skills with creative imitation)

Importer is a company that combines “innovation” and “imitation”, and it is said that it has the ability to evolve and make use of imitation characteristics.
As for what it is, I will do not only as imitation but also design imitation of the product that I imitated, grasp the system and further combine with the company’s own technology creative imitation .


The following features are required for creative imitation.

· As far as possible, real time Ability to do
· Ability to combine multiple models in various fields
· Ability to understand dialogue between product and market (what is needed)
· Ability to quickly and effectively execute while adapting to a rapidly changing environment


I think that ideas will continue to develop further and that many things that we can not think of now will be born.

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