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Line sticker & line bottom creation

I tried to make a LINE sticker from the illustrator maamii and asked for a request.
The story of this LINE sticker was placed on the placeOn’s homepage just before, but we have not talked about here.

I was glad that you made a few LINE stickers and released a png file made by prototype on free of charge, so I decided to make it public and introduce the explanation.LINE sticker introduction and sticker review, About LINE BOT I would like to touch it briefly.

Introduction of LINE sticker

It was a better introduction than maamii, and I will post comments as well.
There were many comparison men how to see this blog, so even introducing it may have been useless as an advertisement.
However, it looks like a style that is fairly accepted by women.


Colorful stickers of rabbit and girl

Colorful stickers of rabbit and girl

Colorful stickers of rabbit and girl.
It is a colorful stickers of rabbit and girl. Let’s tell the colorful feeling!

Hello! Let’s go the CAT1・2

Hello! Let's go the CAT1

Hello! Let’s go the CAT.
Sticker of expressive cat .You can use this sticker in various scenes.

Hello! Let's go the CAT 2

Hello! Let’s go the CAT 2.
Sticker of expressive cat in a second series.

Devil’s Panda and Angel’s Panda

Devil's Panda and Angel's Panda

Devil’s Panda and Angel’s Panda
There is a day of devil’s feelings and angel’s feelings. These are stickers that can be selectively used to suit your mood.

Annoying long bangs

Annoying long bangs

Annoying long bangs.
Sticker of annoying long bangs. I made when long bangs was very annoying.

Sweebbit & Sweet Fairy

Sweebbit & Sweet Fairy

Sweebbit & Sweet Fairy.
Everyone call me Sweebbit. I have great day with fellows including Sweet Fairy. Let’s enjoy putting on stickers with me.

Free distribution image

It can also be sent as an image on LINE, or it can be used for accents of a little printed matter.
This is not sold at “LINE CREATERS MARKET”.
Anyone can use it anywhere without notice.
(I do not think there is such a thing ,,,) It can not be assured even if some disadvantage or damage comes out by using it.

※ By clicking the image, the image will be displayed in the actual size.
It seems that part of the image is broken, but the image of the actual size is not cut.

KANJI character sticker

愛_Love_Sticker平和_Peace_Sticker熱烈歓迎_Enthusiastic welcome_Sticker感謝_Appreciation_Sticker感謝感激_Thanksgiving_Sticker意気消沈_Depression_Sticker激アツ_Extraordinary_Sticker蒸し暑い_Sultry_Sticker極寒_Extreme cold_Sticker猛烈_Furious_Sticker侍魂_Soul of SAMURAI_Sticker移動中_During the move_Sticker職人技_Craftsmanship_Sticker完璧_Perfection_Sticker絶好調_Great condition_Sticker撃沈_Sinking_Sticker絶体絶命_Desperate situation_Sticker納得_Conviction_Sticker極限状態_Extreme condition_Sticker泣く_To cry_Sticker笑う_To laugh_Sticker神_A god_Sticker奇跡_A miracle_Sticker幸福_Happiness_Sticker了解_roger that_Sticker忍耐_Patience_Sticker無事到着_Arrived safely_Sticker爆笑_Burst out laughing_Sticker尊敬_Respect_Sticker断固拒否_Absolute refusal_Sticker降臨_Advent_Sticker憂鬱_Melancholy_Sticker御意_Your will_Sticker素敵_Lovely_Sticker限界_Limit_Sticker感動_Excitement_Sticker萎える_To wither_Sticker萌_Moe_Sticker無我夢中_Crazy_Sticker問題解決_problem solving_Sticker

Although it originally created for LINE sticker, since it did not meet the examination criteria of LINE sticker, it is made public.

About creator LINE sticker

LINE stamp can be easily created.
It is not much different from creating icons.
However, after passing through LINE’s review, you can actually sell and spread.

LINE sticker review

I will only mention relatively many things.

· Forget transmission
· Only letters or large letters
· Using photos
· 2 colors or less
· With sexual expression
· Simple one, no distinction in sticker

It takes a very long time to pass the screening process.
(About 2-3 months?)
I think that there is a problem of copyright.

In order not to be rejected as much as possible, let’s fix it immediately.


It is an application of interactive automatic response using the LINE talk screen.
Various BOTs are appearing as functions of each company and LINE.

To make LINE BOT

By incorporating the Messaging API into its own program, it becomes possible to develop an interactive Bot application (function) using LINE’s talk screen.

However, there is a paid license and a free license, and PUSH transmission (free to BOT user at any timing from the BOT side) can not be done for free.
It is only REPLY transmission (transmission from BOT user and reply to it).
There is also a plan called Developer Trial, but BOT can be used by up to 50 people.

I will briefly describe the procedure for making LINE BOT.

· LINE Business member registration, BOT registration
· BOT function setting with LINE @ MANEGER
· Get BOT token with LINE Developers
· Program creation using Messaging API
· BOT delivery

The following contents are indicated by sample (experimentally used one).
Separately I am lonely, I do not want to love. . . (I’m sorry.)

· LINE Business member registration, BOT registration
First, register at LINE Business Center .
Members can easily register as necessary contents are filled in.
LINE Business Center

· BOT function setting in LINE @ MANEGER
Press “LINE @ MANGER” to move to LINE @ MANGER.
I will set it as it is, but there is something important.

It is a request setting of “account setting” → “BOT setting”.
You can not use it unless you use “Webhook Send” here.

・Get a BOT token with LINE Developers
You can create an interactive BOT application by including Messaging API .
Jump from the previous LINE Developers or have them move from LINE Developers .

QR code can be used to register BOT as a friend to LINE (use as a function).
(1) is for communication confirmation.
When “VERIFY” is pressed and “success” is displayed, communication between the BOT and the creation program is possible and the BOT can be used.

(2) is a sequence of letters.
Set this as an AccessToken in the program that creates it.
I think that it is good to make a program after confirming that the AccessToken part can be created and communicated first.
Because it is surprisingly addictive.

· Program creation using Messaging API
When incorporating the Messaging API, SDK for each language is also provided, so it is relatively easy to incorporate.

It will be API reference .
Please refer to this and try it.

Actually using it will look like this.
The response program is quite appropriate.

In fact it is currently being used for easy concierge feeling of goods and services such as shops and facilities, but it is still in the state of seeking.

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