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Management 6 Enchanting presentation me-we-now talking method

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Enchanting presentation me-we-now talking method

Before entering a lot of people, I would like to talk as if you are dignified and that people listening to it are visible.
I think that it can not be said that suddenly a good way of speaking, but here I would like to talk about that speech.

Obama is also the way he used it during the presidential election, some of whom actually speak in front of the masses and are doing these naturally.
I would like to explain not only the me-we-now talking style (self-us-now talking method) but also the way of talking to convince other people and convincing other people and creating environments in the second half.

It is recommended for the following people as a society person.

· People who are not good at speaking in public despite being the president of the company
· Person who presents in front of many executives
· People who want to appeal products by sales
· Team leader who wants to take strong leadership

me-we-now story

There is a me-we-now talking way to persuade people to persuade people.
This is also called a self-us-now talking method and it becomes a talking story when it gives a favorable impression and the opponent persuade · interest.


me: About me, my life and weakness

Talk about yourself and have a sense of affinity
Let’s talk about private rather than a superficial story and link to we and now.

By telling the private you do not know of, the listener removes the category “other people” and thinks it as being close to “friends”.
Especially, if you listen to content such as “I do not talk to others if I am an emphasis on private, the tendency to feel that way is strong.

Talk about private things and make it content that leads to we and now

we: Common point of yourself and contents of the same view

Talk about commonalities, contents of the same view and have empathy
Let’s think about the person you are listening to rather than talk about the content you want to speak unilaterally.

The content here is important.
We will make content that appeals as a common problem with our opponent who leads to the next now.
If you do not give content to sympathize to everyone, you will not be considered as your own thing.

Make the content that gives the same idea to the listeners

now: I want to tell you, I want to appeal

Let people think that they need to know what they are telling / content of complaint
After having my sympathy, I will tell you what I have to do now.

If you have the opportunity to talk about similar content several times, you can not change the direction of what you want to tell or appeal.
If the direction of what you want to tell or change is changing, let’s not talk about it.

Contents to what we have to do now, or to address problems with we

Usage example (me-we-now talking method)

me-we-now Story (self-us-this story Method)

Me – we – now speech method (self – us – now talking method) would be as follows.
※ Presentation in front of company executives
 Planner “I used our ZZZ product, which was the No. 1 share in this field before joining the company.”
 Planner “Because of the appeal of ZZZ products at the time, I am here now.”
 Planner “Our company was a specialty in this field, but since 5 years ago it fell from No.1, and sales have fallen to the right.”
 Planner “You know that there are sufficient technologies and abilities, just let me have a little budget turn around.”
 Planner: “With a little effort, we can regain that time, let’s regain the success of that time again!”
 Planner “Now if you do not do XXX product development, you can not recover in this field!”

Here I will break down the way of talking now and explain.
me: Yourself, your birth or weakness
→ “Because I had the appeal of the ZZZ product at that time, I am here now.”
Here it is the content that leads to “the appeal of ZZZ product” → “me now.”
Specific examples of private content and more embrace the sense of affinity.

we: Common with your opponent, contents of the same view
→ “You know that there are sufficient technologies and abilities, you only need to have a little budget turn around.”
Here, it is assumed that you talk about what the executives are aware of, “There is enough technology and abilities” “Only not budgeted”.

→ “With a little effort, we can regain that time”
Here is the content that makes the executive think about the success experience that the executives would have.

now: What I want to tell you, I want to appeal
→ “Now that we do not do XXX product development, we will not be able to recover in this field!”
I will tell you what I’d like to say at the end.
It will be the content that “XXX product development” wanted to say.

By talking in the me-we-now step you get a sense of affinity and sympathy, and the talk is conveyed to the listener


Benefits and Disadvantages

I briefly summarized the advantages and disadvantages.


· The person listening thinks like himself
· People listening have a sense of affinity


· We need to grasp contents to be sympathized beforehand
· Do not be awkward in your way of speaking (practice required)
· I can not change the direction of telling

Me-we-now It becomes a book that explains concretely not only the talk but also the contents to be explained next.
Please try it if you do not mind.
How to Design TED Worthy Presentation Slides: Presentation Design Principles from the Best TED Talks (How to Give a TED Talk Book 2) (English Edition)

Talking manner and persuading other popular people to persuade and environment

There is a worst dictator who used to persuade the public to persuade and persuade the public in history, using techniques of manipulation and manipulation.
As you know, it is “Hitler”. It was wonderful if used for good people, but I used it for the worst one.

Why did German people agree with Hitler at that time?
I would like to explain it as a manner of speaking and persuading the public to persuade them.

There are not a few parts that will overlap with the previous me-we-now talking method.
Also, please be careful not to mistake the usage and use.

Talking way

By persuading from now on to speak, it increases persuasive power.
I strongly set my thoughts to the listeners and can make me think that “that idea is also there?”

· Use simple phrases many times
Simple phrases are easy to remain in your ears.
Especially the one that can be called a catch phrase of the content to persuade is the best.
By using it many times, from the person who is listening “the content which the speaker can not be removed” is transmitted firmly.

· Use between spaces successfully
It is also related to “to make me think that it is a special space, magnificent” in “creating an environment” to talk later.
If those who listen at the time of starting to speak are squatting, waiting until it gets quieted, the scene changes, · Before talking about the core of the story, I will open up the space and produce a special feeling.
Although the speaker is in front of me, the unnatural state of “silence silently” gives the idea of ​​”what it is” of the listener.

· Present common enemies and problems, expressing anger against it and getting sympathy
Human feelings tend to be strong against repulsion.
Therefore, you can sympathize with those who have something strong discontent by showing their dissatisfaction.
It is no exaggeration to say that it is said that a spokesman appeared if people with dissatisfaction to express “anger” in public in response to the dissatisfaction.
If you do so, you can become a leader of those who are dissatisfied at that point.

· Overreaction
Like “anger” it is important to make it appear emotional.
Therefore, I use gesture hand gestures to think that it is overreaction.

· Keep acting practice and rehearsing
By doing this, it may be the strongest to eliminate anxiety.
It is because you can say that you are acting speaking in words that are useful instead of your own words.
Without further anxiety, we can also control emotional expressions and gestures and hand gestures, so we can respond to the situation of people listening.

Even if you can not get empathy from everyone, you push through
Even those who originally thought that “This person is upset with this with such things” will change to “This is important and I must have that idea.”

Lift pride
Everyone has a lot of pride.
For those who have injured pride, you can pull into pride by lifting pride.
Never say to people who are not like things that hurt their pride.

Creating an environment

Creating an environment to persuade people is also very important.
What you can not do with individuals will also increase your persuasive power by creating that situation for groups.

Time zone during which people ‘s judgment slows down
As a way to change the way people are listening, we will talk at a time when their judgment becomes dull.
It is said that there is a limit to the will of a person. It will be consumed if you use it and will recover if you go to bed.
As a result, ordinary people are exhausted to some extent in the time zone after the afternoon.
The part which those people have not handed down and the part to judge are dull.

Using cherry
If an enthusiastic group to listen is around, the speaker is easy to talk.
If those who are not like are enthusiastic group around, “Why are you so enthusiastic?” I will be interested.
People who are not will listen and start listening.

· make you think special space, magnificent
The heat directed to one thing, such as live and concert, is contagious.
Even people with different mindset will get overwhelmed by ideas like collective hypnosis if they enter the group.
Directions such as live and concert lighting are necessary in some cases.

– Increase sense of solidarity with clothes and other
For example, suppose you saw someone who has the live goods at a place far away from the live venue on your way back to the live.
Although I am quite a stranger, I think that I feel a sense of affinity somewhat.
Even if you use other special gestures or signs as well, it feels like that.

I am explaining, but I can not do these.
I think that my daily efforts and reading skills are very important.
Since it is to be in contact with people, I think that it will not be all right if you do according to the manual.

Please try it and change to the method that suits yourself and try using it.

Me-we-now I talked about how to talk and persuade the public, including the speech, and environmental creation.
The following is a book that explains these concretely. Please try it if you do not mind.

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