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Management1 Know the “satisfaction / dissatisfaction” of customers and people

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Knowing “satisfaction / dissatisfaction” of customers and people

What is satisfaction?
Everyone has experienced something somewhat satisfied / dissatisfied.
I would like to see what kind of influence and actually how satisfied / dissatisfied are actually pulled out.
I would like to think about desire before satisfaction / dissatisfaction.

Desire ~ Maslow’s desire stage ~

To ask for something is true for animals as well as humans. Among them, considering from the desire stage of Maslow, There are five levels of human desire. Moreover, the five stages are said to change gradually from primitive to pyramidal desire. Well I will briefly explain what this human desire is.

Maslow’s desire stage

  • Physiological desire : instinctive desire in life activities (diet, sleep, excretion, etc.)

  • Safety needs :Desire to obtain a predictable state that can be seen ahead, such as safety · economic stability · health maintenance and living standards (stability, security, maintenance, etc.)

  • Social desire : Necessary to be himself from society, it should have a social role, desire to satisfy it (affiliation, role, etc.)

  • Respect for respect : desire to be respected and respected as a valuable entity (status, prestige, authority, etc.)

  • self-fulfillment desire : desire to maximize your own power and become yourself (want to realize)

There are these stages, it is said that if the desire is satisfied in descending order of “physiological appetite”, it will shift to the next stage. Based on this, desire is fulfilled if desire is fulfilled and transition to desire of the next stage. The more you shift to the high-level desire, the more clearly you have in mind.

Desire goes to the desire of the next stage as it is satisfied

As an aside, some people have passed beyond the stage of “self-realization desire” and some people are said to have “enlightenment”. If you would like to know more about Maslow’s desire stage, please check it.


Relationship of satisfaction / dissatisfaction – Hersburg’s two factor theory –

Next is about the relationship between desire and satisfaction.
Hersburg’s two factor theory states that satisfaction and dissatisfaction are not anti-symptoms. Theory seems to be difficult, I do not like it much, but I will chew and explain.



It is said that it is not “satisfied ⇄ satisfaction” but “unsatisfactory ⇄ unsatisfactory” rather than “satisfied ⇄ unsatisfactory” as briefly expressed as the figure above.
Why, if it says like that, it depends on the type of desire in 5 stages explained earlier.

“Satisfaction”: motivational factors are related (higher level desire)
“Unsatisfactory”: hygiene factors are related (primitive desire)


· Motivational factors

Relating to part of “social desire”, “desire for respect”, “desire for self realization”, satisfaction is gained when satisfied.
This will be satisfying and motivation will be up .
For example, for employees, “promotion”, “responsibility and authority for work” etc. are involved.
For customers, “adding value (for customers’ self-actualization)” and so on are involved.

· hygiene factor

Relating to “physiological appetite”, “desire for safety”, “social desire”, satisfaction can not be obtained even if it is satisfied. Dissatisfaction is suppressed.
For example, for employees, “wages”, “work environment”, “working conditions” and so on are involved.
“Customer satisfaction” and “social common sense” relate to customers.


Consider the case where the contents of the provision satisfy the “motivation factor” and do not satisfy the “hygiene factor”.


Consider the case of an employee in a company. Suppose that it is given to a person who feels satisfying that “obtaining responsibility and power for work” that satisfies the “motivational factor” gets satisfied. But, on the other hand, if the “sanitation factor” “wage / working condition” is a bad condition, that person will be dissatisfied.

Likewise, when considering with customers, even if adding value added for self-actualization of customers is not solved, if they do not meet the minimum customer requirement, dissatisfaction will not be solved.

“Satisfied, not unsatisfactory” state gives the most satisfying feeling and fulfillment feeling. To that end, you have to think “add value to customers” + “achieve customer request” . That will maximize your benefits. Quality is not necessarily required, even if trying to pursue other than “customer’s self realization” in the same way of thinking, it is useless. That is “excess quality”.


“Satisfied and not unsatisfied” state gives the most satisfaction and fulfillment feeling

Next, I will give an example on satisfaction that many companies are mistaken.


Customer survey (satisfaction survey)

In the survey of satisfaction with customers, is not it actually main to suppress dissatisfaction?
Let’s think about it.


· content to suppress dissatisfaction

To listen to content that suppresses dissatisfaction is to ask “achievement of request” and “social common sense” etc for customers .

The content of the item should be content that customers can judge as social common sense.
In terms of quality, cost, and delivery time, customers are better if the quality is high, cheaper if the costs are cheaper, and shorter is better if it is short in terms of the delivery date. Therefore, caution is required when putting these into customer’s survey.

For example, in case of cost
· Bad example: Is it okay if the charge is higher? Is it better to be cheaper?
· Good example: Do you think that the charge is high compared with other companies? Do you think it is cheap?

The majority tend to be similar if you simply incorporate it as a survey content of the customer’s perspective. Knowing how customers are perceived by comparison with social common sense is the content of the investigation in this item. Attention is required because the profit of the enterprise itself slows down when sticking to the wrong investigation.

Most customer survey · questionnaire contents are biased here?


· content to be satisfied

Listening to content that gives satisfaction is to “add value (for customers’ self-actualization)” to customers. Therefore, it is to listen to the contents of the customer’s original (self-actualizing) value.

We hypothesize the content you want to know and we will listen to the original value (self-actualization) with content that leads in concretely by guiding from a large category.

· Bad example: Our products [satisfied · somewhat satisfied · ordinary · somewhat dissatisfied · dissatisfied]
· Good example: What is the most important content? 【Product design · function · size】 (to deepen further with the next question)

The original value that the customer is seeing is different. Therefore, it is necessary to know “which customer”, “what product / service”, “what part” and “how satisfied are you”.

Customer survey (satisfaction survey) differs depending on “listen to contents to suppress dissatisfaction” and “to listen to content that gives satisfaction”

Self Actualization Maslow Self Actualization


Satisfaction / dissatisfaction of stakeholders

Knowing the satisfaction / dissatisfaction of stakeholders and acting against it will be related to the organization as a whole.
However, the content of satisfaction and dissatisfaction differs depending on stakeholders. Here is one example.

Example of satisfaction / dissatisfaction factors of stakeholders
Hygiene factors (factors that make unsatisfactory) Motivational factors (satisfactory factors)
Shareholder Stability and security of the future of the company, innocence of the company Power to the company, responsibility
Employee Wages, working conditions Power, responsibility in work
Customer Achievement of request Add value
Community Living environment Activate the Region
Customer Secure transaction (customer) growth / expansion

If you become an organization that gives a sense of satisfaction to many stakeholders, the motivation of the whole organization will be improved and a virtuous circle will be created. It tends to be considered a small difference, but it has a very big impact. Let’s get more detailed factors and revitalize! It is!

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