Manufacturing terms

“Innovation of new inventions and markets” Innovation

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I will explain about innovation.


o Innovation

Even with existing technology it can be called “innovation ” when the product begins to sell explosively and it is called innovation.

What is innovation?
“New combination of invention and market” (explosive popular new product)


o Destructive innovation


What is destructive innovation
“Phenomenon in which conventional ones are destroyed by destructive technology” (a phenomenon in which new products popularized explosively eradicate existing products)

It is a phenomenon in which innovation has occurred and the conventional products are destroyed and replaced with conventional products.
The phenomenon itself is called paradigm shift .

Especially it is said that destructive innovation is easy to get
More than conventional products

 · cheap
· small
· Easy to use

It is said that it is.

Example: (music) The cassette tape that came out in the record era, the CD that came out in the cassette tape era
(Phone) Smartphone that came out in the Garaka era
I would like to explain innovation theory and casm theory I will.

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