Flow of development

Think about what you need before developing!

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Before developing, think about necessary things!

Development is an act of creating new things to the world . (The design here refers to the design in terms of development activities.) Therefore, resources (human resources, funds, tools, materials) are required to be very large.

We must judge what is really necessary taking into consideration the situation / state of the organization (other than the company) and the trend of society.
Also, even if you are doing development design activities, it will be in vain due to changes in circumstances.

It is also important to establish monitoring so as to judge appropriately whether to continue or stop.

Based on these, there are some things to consider when developing and designing.



Grasp the situation and state of the company

The thing to think about when developing and designing is to first decide its own situation accurately. In other words, it is the first thing to grasp the situation and state of the company.

· Understand the situation and state of the company

  1. Check resources (human resources, funds, tools / materials)

  3. Confirm the root cause of the problem

  5. Standing position of developed products

1 “Checking resources” is important in checking the health condition of the company. It is also necessary to raise the success rate of development itself . For example, doing large-scale new development without considering funds is very risky.

2 “Confirmation of the root cause of the problem” means that there is a need to resolve the problem facing by doing development design.
In the case of product development, we need to know whether it can be a product leading to innovation or whether the problem will be solved in product development. Perhaps it’s a matter of sales or supply. In the case of manufacturing process / equipment development, there is no point unless the bottleneck in manufacturing is eliminated in its development, or if it is impossible to improve the efficiency of the whole manufacturing (overall optimization).

3 “Standing position of developed product” is It is necessary to know how important the product is. There is also development that wonders whether development is really necessary. There is no such thing as there is no thing to develop or you have to develop continuously. As I mentioned earlier, the act of development is very resource intensive. Sometimes it is better to divide resources into other tasks if development is wastefully done.

By grasping the current situation of own company, it is possible to know whether preparation is ready for development.

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Grasping the position of the company in society

Next is to check your opponents and situation. In other words, it is to know the objective position seen from competitors and society.

· Understand the standing position of companies in society

  1. Compare competitors with companies

  3. Will many stakeholders happy with development?

1 “Comparison between competitors and companies” means Let’s develop to become dominant over competitors and increase future sales of development requests and development products . This is not the case in the case of manufacturing development in-house, but it is very important to check trends of other companies and trends in that field will be visible.

2 “How many stakeholders will be happy with development activities?” Is to confirm whether impossible for the development act itself and not annoying to stakeholders . “Customers first principle” was seen in many companies long ago. If you force employees to give priority to “customer first principle”, productivity will fall and profit will decline. Also, if you neglect other stakeholders, the social status of the company will decline. Care must be taken for that.

I will briefly explain the stakeholders. “Stakeholders” in Japanese, people concerned with companies such as shareholders, customers, customers, regions, employees, etc.

By confirming the position in society, we can know the advantage and social position from other companies.

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Consideration of social trends related to development products

· Consideration of social trends related to development

  1. Where products are creating new markets?

  3. Do you satisfy the quality of people who need customers / products?

  5. How long is the trend related to the product?

  7. Can you draw a product roadmap?

1 “Whether it is creating a new market” is a concept that is necessary in the case where there is no orderer of the product and the product itself is offered to the world for an unspecified majority. It is necessary to know whether development activities of the product itself are not wasted .

<2> “Do you satisfy the quality of people who need customers / products?” Judge whether customers are satisfied with the quality of the products using the product It is that. If it can not be judged, this is a waste of development.

I will describe in detail in the item of quality, but “quality = customer’s request + value added” will be. This is the same as what leads to satisfaction . I will explain in detail later, but not “satisfied ⇆ unsatisfactory”, it is different from “not satisfied ⇆ satisfied” or “unsatisfied ⇆ unsatisfied”. Even if you make these mistakes, even if you make the best offer to customers, if you do not have customers offering much, they will be inconsistent.

3 “How long is the trend” is to know the content related to the product Know how long it will be done in the world . When developing in pursuit of products of other companies that can be innovation, if the product is saturated or the product becomes obsolete at the completion of development, the cost effectiveness will be diminished.

I think that the duration of the trend can somehow be judged from the trend of innovator theory and similar products, but it is very difficult to judge. The trend period is getting shorter considerably than in the past.

In order to prevent big companies from falling into the dilemma of innovation, or when not allowing SMEs to follow up as one of the Ranchestar theories, we may ignore the direct cost effectiveness of development.

Please also take into consideration that “Can you draw a product road map” in 4, leading to future product development and own technology. It would be even better if it would be technologies that take social trends into account.

By reviewing the product before development, we minimize resource waste and maximize the return on investment.

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What will you do for that?

I wrote a lot, but …. specifically?

“Knowing yourself and knowing others (· world)” , “Knowing what to do” . There are different ways of doing it, there are times when you think independently. But, if you do not understand, I would like you to try especially.

· “Know yourself, know the other party (world)”

SWOT analysis : Used when your company knows what is the strength and what is weak compared to competitors. Originally it is used to seek optimization of resources in response to business change, but after deciding the development product, you can use it to confirm the extent of resources required from other companies.

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· “Know what to do”

Anzov’s Growth Matrix Analysis : Understand the position of the developed product in product and market analysis and use it to decide future growth strategies. It is used here to draw a product roadmap.

I will explain in detail at that time.

These are necessary not only for development design activities but also for management management.
If you try to know more regularly than usual, these man-hours will be relatively small.

I think I understood the difficulty of development.
Next, I will explain the development in detail by development flow and development process .

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