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Monozukuri 2 The wrong marketing strategy of Japanese companies and Japanese

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Japanese company’s wrong marketing strategy

This time I summarized the contents that many Japanese companies mistakenly recognized.
Because of this recognition marketing strategy actually has an impact as well.

This mistake has a big meaning in terms of manufacturing. Actually, if the vector of thinking is different, “We manufacture / sell items, spread to people and enrich our lives” (Win-Win relation) We will be away from fundamental idea. This time I will describe it.

Japanese company wrong recognition 1
“Concept of Innovation”


Many Japanese companies · I think that recognition of many Japanese is “innovation = technological innovation”. However, in fact “Innovation ≠ technology innovation”.

What is original innovation?
“New combination of invention and market” (explosive popular new product)


Even with existing technology it can be called “innovation ” when the product begins to sell explosively and it is called innovation.
I will explain in detail at a later date, but there is an index as an explosive popular standard.
It is called “ innovator theory ” and it can be divided into 5 patterns by correspondence when purchasing products . I will briefly explain.

When a new product comes out the product will be known to the market in the order below. If the majority know the product and purchase it, it can be said that it is “popular”.
· (Anyone to buy) Innovator 2.5%
· (Initial purchaser) Early adapter 13.5%
· (Following purchaser) Early Majority 34.0%
· (Follow-up buyer) Late Majority 34.0%
· (Person who does not buy if not traditional) Ragged 16%

Among them, if it can be accepted as “(initial purchaser) early adapter” (it can be known to the majority of initial purchasers), it is told that the majority is known and “to spread”.
There are not a few foreign companies that actually compete by issuing similar follow-up products, thinking that “this product will sell” with this index.

Japanese company wrong recognition 2
“If you make a good one you can sell”

“Selling if you make good things” is one way of thinking in development, it is a concept to provide products for companies’ reasons to companies → consumers. In a bad way it will be a development method that can be a product impression.

“Selling if you make a good one” is one way of thinking in development


Below is the way of thinking in development. There are advantages and disadvantages, and development with both circumstances is necessary with both thinking.

“Sell if you make good things” : Corporate Preferred Product Development

· Focus on technological innovation
· It is good in terms of enhancing your own technical skills, but you can not sell products that you do not need

“Make something to sell” : consumer preferred product development

· Focus on marketing
· In marketing, we need to grasp the technical capabilities our company can and to some extent

Many Japanese companies are tending to produce products in company priority product development.

Japanese company wrong recognition 3
“Japanese market is still healthy”

Since Japan is not in contact with foreign countries directly in the island country, it is a fact that overseas information is hard to enter. Therefore, it is difficult to realize that emerging countries (BRICs, Southeast Asia, etc.) are growing fast. I think that I am surprised when I go to the capital city of a country actually called emerging countries. It is lively and many high-rise buildings are being built. Although the scale is different, in terms of the economic growth rate, Japan is around -0.1%, and countries with remarkable growth are close to 10%. Companies in the country with the momentum are going to put on more and more effort.

Not only did not notice this fact that Japanese companies only saw the Japanese market, lagging behind the developments in the emerging emerging market markets I will excuse you.

Japanese company wrong recognition 4
“The way of thinking of marketing”

Many Japanese companies tend to neglect negatively against marketing because of “misunderstanding” as “marketing = market statistics / market research”. Market Statistics · By market survey alone, we can not specifically ask for 5W1H (Who, Who, Where, Why, When, How).

What is original marketing?
Marketing Creation
Make market creation by assessing changes in economy, technology, market, institution, politics, human mind


The combination of these is called “ new market creation ” and is called happiness creation. Specifically I will explain the figure and four constraints.
Technical restrictions : Is there technology to make? Is development being done? Can you develop it?
Social constraints : How about infrastructure such as water supply, electricity?
Economic constraint : Is there economic power to purchase and maintain?
Cultural restrictions : Do you have a distinctive culture or a culture that uses the product?


As an example of marketing conscious products, mention famous items in India,

· Frequent theft by employees → “Refrigerator with key”
· National competitive cricket → “TV with cricket score display function”
· Brilliant color preference → “TV that made it brighter than usual with default settings”

You can create a market in combination with existing technology, and in some cases it can be innovation.
Japan’s manufacturing strength weakness explains marketing considerations.

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